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Nathalie Milon, Soprano

A voice without limits or borders.

Why come from just one country, belong to a certain church, or from a specific background when Nathalie Milon allows us to be transported elsewhere ?
We think we are on familiar ground as we land in Valparaiso, in Santiago or Buenos-Aires. On the CD "PERSPECTIVA", which she has just recorded with the guitarist Simon Gonzalez, she makes us discover and share with her, a large colorful Latin American 20th century musical palette.
Portrait, Nathalie Milon Why limit oneself to just one specific style of music? Nathalie smashes all our preconceived ideas as we go along with her to share her passion for Purcell or Lully, when she sings the part of Dido and Oriane, or the part of Lia from Debussy, the part of Magnificat from Rutter or when she sings John Cage's Aria.
From early on, Nathalie was not satisfied going down the already well-established paths of the music world. Always a free spirit with a persevering nature, she loves challenges. Arriving from her native Nice to Paris, she very soon feels welcomed. She wins a notable prize from a music conservatory in Paris. It is at this time, that she also becomes professionally trained in musicology at the Sorbonne. It is then, that Nathalie participates and becomes involved in several theatre projects (Gitis de Moscou, Theatre Du Mouvement, Les Hysteriades). These experiences enrich her artistic technique and allow her to grow as a performing artist on stage, to better communicate and convey the powerful musical emotions with her audience.
With her very full, versatile voice and rich timbre, she has received numerous invitations from several music directors such as, Lawrence Equilbey of the Accentus Ensemble, Dale Wardlaw of the Paris International Women's choir, the Carpe Diem ensemble, the Villains de Massy Ensemble and the National Orchestra d'Isle de France.
Nathalie's deep interest in traditional music from around the world soon developed into a deep love for the entire continent of Latin America. She therefore, learned Spanish, and made several trips abroad, which helped to deepen her passion for this classical and folk repertoire. It is this strong passion that she shares with us today, sometimes in a duet, trio or a quartet.
Nathalie has been invited to perform in many different venues such as a church in Paris, the Opera of Rouen, and The Theatre of the Champs- Elysees as well as non-traditional performing spaces such as hospitals, cafes and in street theatre. Making music available everywhere and for everyone, is something she strongly believes in and it has become her life mission.
Her current project is to continue to explore the rich repertoires of the 20th and 21st Century music. We will be very fortunate to hear her in the upcoming season, performing the works of Aperghis, Nunez and Berberian.
In her performances she hopes to work on new modern original contemporary projects and to equally combine music, dance and theatre.

Some samples :

Aria, John Cage L'Enfant prodigue (Lya), Debussy, piano Bruno Gousset La tempranica (Zapateado), Gímenez, piano B.gousset Juana Asurduy, Ariel Ramirez, guitar S.Gonzàlez